Let a team of professional traders take over the trading for you

ATT-Trading + JFD Brokers

What is copy trading?

The copy trading of ATT-Signals gives you the possibility to use a groundbreaking technical solution for copying all trades and the associated administration of these from the ATT-Teams trading account in your account 1 to 1 and in an automated form. Our partner, JFD Brokers, provides you with the best possible infrastructure and is one of the strongest providers in the segment of currency and CFD trading. Profit from trained traders and years of trading experience in the institutional sector. By keeping an eye on your trading account, you always have full control.

Your trading team

The team of ATT consists of traders specially trained by Mag. Ali Taghikhan. He has years of experience in institutional trading and the training of professional traders. The team of ATT consists exclusively of internal traders, all of whom had to undergo strict training with ATT trading with a total period of education of at least two years.

If you are also personally interested in such a trading education, you can find out more about ATT trading here.

Expectations and performance

Our team will try to get the best results for you. Depending on the volatility of the markets, we expect a double-digit percentage performance per trading year. Since we are also dependent on the circumstances on the financial markets and it can thereby also come to stronger or weaker months, we recommend to copy the ATT trades at least for one trading year to see a meaningful result.

Risk- and money management

A very strict risk- and money-management is the most important component of our trading activities. Trading is a risk business. However, the profits of the successful trades exceed the small losses. Only by limiting the risk per trade your capital can be secured even in eventual loss phases. We only deal with positions adjusted to the certain trading capital of your account.

Our trading approach

The trend trading as a central approach for our trading is all-round and makes our trades comprehensible for you. In copy trading, we can act very quickly and thus have the possibility to enter short-term trades. This ensures an optimal trade frequency. A special feature is the possibility to pyramidize our positions in the profit, which in the ideal case can lead to an almost risk-free and above-average result.

JFD Brokers

JFD Brokers is the only retail broker to offer all traders the possibility to trade up to 9 asset classes (with more than 800 financial instruments) from within a single trading platform (with a minimum investment of 500, - u20AC). A uniform institutional pricing (core spreads) and a uniform DMA / STP execution type are given. You benefit from interbank core spreads, low trading costs, complete anonymity, complete transparency, high liquidity and a 100% DMA / STP account. This gives you an extremely low latency access to more than 15 tier1 liquidity providers, as well as over 80 prime exchanges, MTFs and secondary derivatives & commodities, or dark & ​​light pools.

If you would like to have more information, you can read more about JFD Brokers here.

Best possible execution

The listed advantages of JFD Brokers provide you an unique infrastructure, which ensures an identical execution of all opened and closed trades by the ATT-Signals team for you as a copier of the trades. Even with larger volumes, our goal is to achieve the best possible performance for our customers.

Multi-Asset Trading

JFD Brokers gives us the opportunity to access a huge asset pallet to trade a wide range of different values. Mainly Index CFDs and currencies, but also stock CFDs and commodities are traded. This diversification applied to different asset classes makes our trading relatively independent of market phases of specific asset classes.

Conditions for participation in copy trading

In order to participate in the copy trading of ATT-Signals, a new account creation at JFD Brokers is necessary. The minimum deposit is 5,000, - u20AC and the monthly fee, which is deducted from your trading account for copy trading, at 39, - u20AC. If your trading capital is higher than the amount of 10,000, - u20AC, the fee will be dropped. Profits generated by us are excluded from this rule. Copy Trading is not bound to a subscription plan and can therefore be cancelled at any time. Please note that some administrative steps may be required to participate in Copy Trading. Always start registering here on our ATT-Signals website and afterwards follow all the further communicated steps. Upon successful completion of all necessary processing steps, your trading account can be connected to copy trading for the 1st or 15th of a month.