Thank you, your registration for copy trading was successful

The following steps are also required for a binding registration and participation in ATT's copy trading. Only when all steps have been successfully completed, a connection of the trading account opened by you to our ATT master account is possible.

Step 1

In the first step, please subscribe to Digistore.

Step 2

To be able to participate in the copy trading, it is necessary to create a trading account at JFD Brokers via the link in the confirmation mail. If you are an existing customer of JFD Brokers, it is unfortunately also necessary to create a new trading account. An existing trading account can not be attributed to ATT's copy trading.

Step 3

After you have capitalized your newly opened trading account with the minimum deposit of 5000, - u20AC, the account can be assigned to the copy trading of ATT for the 01st or 15th of a month.

If you have further questions please feel free to contact the ATT-Signals team by sending an e-mail to or have a look in our FAQ in the section "Copy Trading".