FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the signal service

1. Do I have to sit in front of the computer all day to use ATT-Signals?

NO! We prepare you for every trade in the live ticker, important live ticker entries will be sent to you by e-mail and SMS, to make sure you are well-prepared for opening a trade.

2. Which broker would you recommend?

We recommend a reliable broker which allows you to trade stocks (or stock-cfds), forex and index-cfds. Our partners Lynx and Banx are two of the best brokers in Germany.

3.What should I do if I miss out on a signal/trade?

In general, our signals are valid for a short period of time, depending on which timeframe the signal was generated.

4. What return can I expect from ATT-Signals?

Depending on the general market conditions, a double-digit percentage growth is possible.

5. Does ATT-Signals guarantee a minimum number of trades?

No! There will be days when we will exercise restrain to minimize the risk of loss.

6.I am a total novice at trading, what should I do?

First, read the instruction and try to attend the webinars of our partners. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: support@att-signals.com.

7. Do I have to cancel the 2-week trial subscription?

No! After two weeks your login remains still active, but the trades and signal overview will not be visible anymore. And you won't receive signals via SMS or e-mail anymore. The performance overview will remain visible and up to date.

8. Is the watchlist always up to date?

The watchlist is brought up to date 2-3 times a day.

9. Are the ATT-Signals' trades the same as in the asset management?

In some cases especially the stock trades will also be traded in the asset-management. Short-term trades are not suitable for the asset-management.

10. Why should I choose ATT-Signals over a social-trading platform?

Profit from the experience of a professional team of traders and not a single person. ATT-Signals provides a high degree of transparency. We stand for steady wealth building and not for unrealistic results.

Questions about the participation in copy trading

1. I already have an account with JFD Brokers, can I use it?

No, unfortunately, existing accounts can not be used for this purpose. The account must be created via the link that is sent after the registration to ensure it is internally correctly linked to JFD.

2. I'm interested in copy trading as well as in the signal service, so are there more favorable conditions?

Yes, customers of the copy trading receive 40% discount on the 12-month subscription of ATT-Signals

3. Do i need a VPS server or other software for copy trading?

No, you do not need a VPS server or any other software for for our copy trading.

4. What trading costs/conditions apply to copy trading?

The copy trading is subject to the regular terms and conditions of JFD as well as to the trading conditions stated in the contract sent to you after registration

5. When and how are the monthly fees of 39, - u20AC per month charged?

The monthly fee of 39, - u20AC is deducted monthly from your trading account. The first allocation takes place immediately at the connection date.

6. How much do I have to deposit, in order to get the service without monthly fee?

If you deposit 10,000, - u20AC or more, the monthly fee of 39, - u20AC is not applicable.

7. Should my deposit sum get less than 10,000, - u20AC in the meantime, will the 39, - u20AC charged again?

If it is due to your withdrawals, you will be charged the 39€ from your trade account again.

8. I would like to cancel my participation, what do I have to do?

Copy Trading is not a subscription, you are able to cancel or close your account at any time.

9. I have technical problems with my Metatrader4, what should I do?

If you have problems with the Metatrader 4, please contact JFD Brokers. This also applies to all direct questions about your trading account.

10. If not all of the steps shown by ATT are complete, can my account be connected?

If one of the steps, which are listed on our page as well as in your e-mail after the registration, are missing or not successfully completed, the connection of your trade account to the copy trading is unfortunately not possible.

Questions about trading in copy trading

1. Who is trading the master-account?

The master account is traded by ATT's trading team. Trades are opened and closed manually.

2. Which asset classes are traded?

We will trade especially forex and index CfDs, but also regular stocks.

3. Are the trades executed by an EA or manually?

The trading aproach is trend-following with all elements of professional trading, we only trade manually

4. What influence do I personally have on my account? Can I also take actions?

You have freedom of action and can open trades on your own or close the ATT-team's trades, but we strongly advise against this.

5. What kind of risk and money management is used in copy trading?

The team at ATT has a very strict risk and management system. The risk per position is between 0.1% and 1% and is adjusted to your portfolio size.

6. Is there a profit guarantee?

All positions are managed by a professional trading team, but there is still no profit guarantee. However, we advise that all our customers give us a minimum period of one year in order to achieve a meaningful result.

7. Should I manually intervene in one of the trades opened by ATT, can it lead to errors or other complications?

Yes that can happen. The identical execution of position trading is then no longer assured and could lead to a different result.

8. Does ATT have an influence on the withdrawal and deposition options of JFD?


9. What is the target performance? What can I expect as a return?

The return expectations per trading year are in the double-digit percentage range.

10. Who do I contact if I have additional questions

For further or particularly important questions, please write to our team at any time at support@att-signals.com